Dragon lady boss

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Dragon lady boss

Business failing and only my self taught business computer skills and long managerial experience my /daughter/">daughter had passed freelance computer work to me. After a year one of her directors surprisingly offered me a full time job as researcher and managerial adviser to him and a junior partner in the firm. Nice BMW and a salary offer double what I expected I was fully employed again instead of self employed.

What had I let myself in for though.

Louise was 43 and a workaholic dynamo with a string of qualifications, we race d from meeting to meeting with 5 different projects on the go and I would get calls at all times of the day or night. Always polite,dressed in tight dull business suits, hair pulled back in a bun a s she peered through her glasses before spring off on another line of thought. Business Business Business was all she thought of, completely drained and relieved when we were stranded in Seville as Gerald's contact had a new project he wanted us to look at and we had to wait over the weekend for a Tuesday or Wednesday meeting. Louise wanted to work as usual and armed with new swim shorts, sun lotions towells etc from the local store I grabbed a hire car and headed for the spanish coast, swimming on the beautiful beach I found and enjoying a nice lunch. I'd picked up a tan and dressed casually I joined Louise at the hotel for dinner, she was surprisingly different for once, "I could come swimming if I had some gear" she announced. The hotel shop outside is well stocked I said and she headed off as I drank my coffee..

I hardly recognised her as she joined me for breakfast, her longish hair down and no glasses and a little lip gloss a nice shirt and cut off trousers her tanned lower legs and tanned arms and face showed she must stop working at times. 

At the beach we set up our spot and Louise stripped off her shirt and bra my heart nearly stopped as she shed her bra her big firm tits swinging free, quickly scooping her mounds into the bikini top as my mouth must have /hung/">hung open and she then shed her trousers revealing her stunning arse and legs and her tiny bikini bottoms. I headed for the water as my cock was getting excited."calm down old boy" I said to myself as I swam ahead of her. Stood in the water here /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples strained against the fine fabric that was virtually see through. We read our books before heading for lunch where male customers and waiters could be seen giving looks to my partner as we took a table. It was great day and we chatted for the /first-time/">first time about things other than work and swam again before the long drive to the hotel. As the sun dipped Louise shed her top and dried her tits before encasing them in her lacy bra that worked hard to contain their fullness and then she slipped of her bottoms drying herself and donning a small black thong, my heart was suffering again as I'd got a glimpse of her smooth mound and pussy lips as she towelled herself dry.

At the hotel she said to give her a knock at 9 for dinner. knocking at the door a few times before I was acknowledged and than after a few minutes she came and joined me. I was nearly speechless, dressed in a black number her bra less tits were at odds with the fabric as her magnificent mammaries swayed sided to side as we walked, her long legs looked fantastic and I hung back at the lift to take in her arse and legs. Dinner was quick and pleasant and she seemed to be a little hurried and agitated. As we walked to her room she asked if I'd seen the days GP result. Surprised, I said "no". I love F1 she said do you want to watch the re run on the satellite. "Well sure, great. I said and followed her into the room that was plusher and larger than mine. I turned the satellite TV on to the right channel as she got some drinks. "Can you shut the window and close the curtains" she said as she turned the air con on. Rounding the bed to the window I kicked and stumbled on something and bent and picked it up as I closed the window. 

I was shocked again, the little thong of earlier in the day I guessed but wrapped around a battery powered dildo. As I closed the curtains I dared to sniff what was in my hands, the musky smell of a woman's sex filled my nostrils as I must have frozen and then turned, Louise was looking at me and her face showed that she had seen what I was doing. I must have blushed and placed my find on the bed as she stepped to the TV and turned it off as I went to leave she said "NO" and she put her hands behind her and then pulled the tight dress over her head revealing her bare arsed and her naked tits wobbled free as she walked to the bed, mesmerised like a young virgin boy as she sat on the edge of the bed and took the dildo turning it on, sliding it up and down her moist slit before she started to shaft herself moaning and groaning as she slipped it faster and faster back and forth and she flopped back panting as she must have orgasm'd. "WANK FOR ME" I was startled, "WANK FOR ME" she repeated in her hard business tone. 

Taken a aback at what I had seen I released my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down and grabbed my swelling cock. "FUCKING WANK IT, I WANNA SEE IT BLOW" she rasped as I beat myself off as she played the still vibrating tool around her slit and clit. An arc of cum spewed and shot across towards her splashing alongside her on the bed as she breathed deeply. 

Stepping from my clothing as I took in the look on her face I ventured towards her taking in her full beauty my cock swaying a little limp in front of me as I knelt and moved between her legs, as I stroked from her knees along her inner thighs and dipped towards her full tits and hard nipples her next words stopped me. "I'M A VIRGIN". "Virgin? I questioned as she said she'd never had time for men when she was studying and her work came before romance.

The look on her face as she said "do you mind, and will you do me" Better than Viagra, the V word has my old fella bursting hard as nails as I stood before her nearly ten inches of hard man meet straining inches from her open mouth, I stopped her from touching me and lifted her legs as she lay back on the bed and dropped her toy as my fat dome parted her pussy, nicely tight her well tooled pussy slowly parted as she gurgled and whimpered as the invading force went deeper and deeper, my balls buried tight to her arse as she luxuriated and wriggled and moaned with delight my balls spasmed as I could no longer control my urges and my cock twitched as I white washed her deep /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and tears ran from her cheeks a little shiver ran through her as an orgasm built and I pulled myself together and administered the shafting she needed. Collapsing onto her I quickly started to gobble on her awesome /nipples/tits-nipples/tits-and-nipples/">tits and nipples as she writhed and moaned encouragement. Taking her hair I thrust into her mouth as she was so wanton and with my tongue fucking her cunt I had to control her excitement as her teeth bit my shaft. Falling asleep exhausted her legs spread either side of my head and her wet slippery nest at the mercy of my tongue and fingers we slept till the early hours when exhillerated but somewhat cramped we both stirred and laughed together as we headed to the bathroom. toilet over and a slow fuck in the large bath we fell into bed after hanging the do not disturb sign on the door. 

We woke wrapped together and soon started to explore one another again, a knock on the door as our late breakfast trolley was left outside the door as we were coupled her spooned against me my arms around her as I played with her tits and slowly fucked her not allowing her to break away we made it still coupled to the door as I fucked her deeper and grasped her hips puling her tight on me as she giggled and carefully opened the door, she quickly pulled the trolley in as we shuffled backwards and she squealed and pulled away grabbing some toast and fruit running squealing to the bed roaring with laughter grabbing the butter spread I jumped milf porn videos behind her and placed the small plate along side her as she lay face down, "knife" she said, I winked and scooped a curly pat into my hand and spread it on my slippery shiny cock as she looked surprised and then spread the remainder on her little puckered rear. I'm still a virgin I said as I fingered her arse as my late wife and my other women would never play along with my curiosity, as she half heartedly protested and whimpered a quick thrust and my /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock popped her anal cherry and had her bucking as I attended to her needy clit and cunt with one hand and worked a precious tit with the other, it had be the longest hardest effort I've ever experience before I filled her rear orifice and we rode to our contentment and excited climax. You "fucking bastard" she said as I slipped from her and a messy pool drooled from her onto the butter yellowed sheet and we kissed passionately before heading back to the bath. Falling asleep again in the warm water before spreading her cunt over my cock and driving her up and down as my mouth drove her tits as her pussy thrust and gyrated on my pleasure pole.

We decided to head for the coast and went to my room for some fresh clothes, I dressed as she sat on the bed and we talked. As her hand drifted over her groin I could not miss the opportunity, why waste the bed whilst your there I said , turning Louise, pulling her shorts down and ripping her thong aside and stuffing her cunt again to the /surprise/">surprise of the cleaning ladies that we had not heard entering. We roared with laughter and only got half way to the coast before we had to pull of the main road and fuck again. 

Making it to the Wednesday meeting half an hour late due to more suxual experiment Louise was back in her business guise. To many days on spanish holidays I recognised the old lift controls as we left the customers office, dropping my brief case in the lift I ran my hand swifly up her inner leg to find her damp knicker, she really was so horny and always wet, she protested as I stopped the lift between floors and hiked her skirt around her waist as I ripped her pants off and buried my cock spunkling quickly deep in her as I started the lift and she quickly pulled her skirt in place as other people entere two floors down. We drove to the airport for an evening flighty to Geneva. Louise cleaning her oozing pussy in the car on route as my delivery threatened to stain he dress she mopped her gash with tissues as I drove and tried to finger getting my hand slappped. As we found the business lounge for are wait I headed to a nice little lingerie shop and bought some nice skimpy sheer lacy panties, empty apart from a few business men I followed Louise to the ladies slipping in behind her as she closed the door, pushing her into a cubicle she was ripe for fucking bending as I banged her as she gripped the sink, licking her clean we kissed as she tasted are cobioned and then slipped un noticed back to the lounge.

Our onward flight two day later was empty apart from us in business class, I had a word with he steward and with a healthy tyip we were left with some champagne. And by the end of our first week together we humped our way in to the mile high club.

My late old mate Cyrils wife would hopefuly find soimebeody to service her monthly neeeds and my little trainer lady at the gym would find an easy fuck. 

On our return to Sheffield I offered to give Louise time to herself blowjob porn videos but by the tine we got to her home she was hornier than ever. Managing to fuck like teenagers and still maintain a working front no one seemed to suspect apart from my daughter who was worried as I was never at home and she could only ever get me on my mobile. 

Louise just loves fucking and six or seven weeks on something was missing in our relationship, we had fucked every day and Louise realised my concerns, I dropped her at the Chemist on the way to work. At about 11 she came into my small office and locked the door behind her and pulled her skirt up revealing her glistening pussy, "fuck me " she begged "you dont have to worry about getting me /pregnant/">pregnant". Her skirt on the floor and her left tit in my mouth she wrode up and down on my lap. As I fired my seed deep in her she suddenly cried out, "fuck me , fuck me , fuck me, fuck me". Half the office must have heard especially the office manager and her dozy assistant. Grinding on my cock as I pleasured her tits and we kissed she pulled a ring from her pocket. "will you please marry me" she said. I was shocked and then she pulled something else from a pocket. The pregnancy test that was positive, we didn't have to worry about pregnancy as she was already six or seven weeks gone. 
Our little girl and boy is young and I retire soon, but only from work, my horny wife still has plenty of other things to keep my energy up for.

Aimie is still at the gym and I have warned Louise that if she can't keep up with me, Aimie is still very keen. Louise has just sliped under the desk naked and I have to finish tghis as she is naked and has my cock in her mouth and the girls will be home with their grandparents

Too be continued...