Jacy and her roomate

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Jacy and her roomate

When I was in collage I met a /women/">women named Jacy. We became friends right away, we signed up to be in the same dorm room , she was very popular and always hadfriends over, while I on the other hand was quiet and stuck to my self most oftime, One night when Jacy was out on a date , she came home in a cranky mood soI asked her what was wrong ,she was upset cause her date had let her believethat they were going to do it and then he dumped her for another girl, she saidthat hed made her so horny and wet down there and she put her hand down herpanties, well Jacy knew that I was bi and asked me to make her cum,At first Iwas speechless cause I didnt think she was like that. I said ya , I can dothat..so I led her down the hall to my room and she stripped off her clothes andlayed on the bed , I stripped off my own clothes and layed down below her so Ican lick her /sweet/">sweet smelling pussy. I parted her pussy lips with my tounge andlapped at her clit , Jacy said that she wanted to taste me but she didnt know ifshed like it . I told her she can try.

And if she didnt like it she can stop.so I got up and layed down , she climedup on me and began to lick my pussy just like I was licking hers ,She moanedthat she liked the taste of it and wanted more so we got into a 69 and ate eachother,after a while I got up and got the viberator from the drawer, used it onher as I made her cum I watched her cum leak out of her pussy and I didnthesitate to lick it up.she grabed my head and pushed it deeper into her pussy,after she finish cuming we rubbed our pussies together and I came in a explosive/climax/">climax.After that night Jacy comes to me when she really needs some excitment.

Jacy started seeing this guy name Justin, he is a bouncer at T.J max...Heseems to be a xxx nice guy , He sometime joins Jacy and me in a threesome...Justinis such a great guy , they have been talking about moving out into another aptoff campus and having me move in with them as a room mate...We are going over toT.J max later to have a few drinks then back to the dorms to fuck the rest ofthe evening, Jacy will be 22 next week and Justin and I have something specialplaned for her..We are renting a house boat for the weekend and we are givingJacy one hell of a fucking /party/">party, we invited some of her other girlfriends whoare also bi and their boyfriends , I have a feeling that there will be plenty ofexcitment that night.

Jacy and I get ready to go to T.J max with Justin . He pickes us up at 9 andthe band is in full swing when we get there. We order our drinks and head forthe dance floor for a few fast dances, then I head back to the table when theyplay a slow song. After that song we finish our drinks and headed back home. Ihad some things to get ready while they go to the store for pop.

I got out all the /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys and lotions that I had. when they came back I wasready for them, we moved into my bedroom where I have the bigger bed , Jacylayed down with Justin on the bed and I spread out the /toys/">toys and lotions , Igrabed the chocolate and began dripping it on Jacy and Justin and then I lickedit off, I stuck my face right in Jacys pussy , licked her fiercely then got upand took all of Justins /cock/big-cock/">big cock in my mouth I took his shaft all the down mythroat. I pumped up and down on his dick as I fingered Jacys pussy , as theywere both ready to explode soon I grabed up the viberating doulbe dong and putoil on it and stuck it up Jacys pussy and the other side in me , and Justinlicked both of us as we fucked each other with the double dong. As we camejustin licked us clean, we got up and took turns sucking justin and when he wasready to explode porn videos download our open mouths were earger for the taste of him. I cleanedeverything up and we said goodbye to justin. He had to go home to study for thepop quiz the next morning, after he left , jacy went to her room and I went tomine, I dreamed of that night when we first got together....well let me knowwhat ya think,I would like to hear from you.