The Glory Hole Part 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The Glory Hole Part 2

This story is completely fictional.

It was exactly a week since my last encounter in the public toilets and my first experience of the Glory Hole. This time I went into the toilets as horney as hell and looking for another cock to suck. For seven days now that was the only thing I could think about. All I wanted to do was suck on a nice /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock and taste the succulent cum that came from it. I entered the public toilets just as before. Nothing in it had changed. The toilets were still as dirty as they were before with grime covering the walls and the floor. This time I noticed that there were some white coloured stains on the floor near the cubicles. Some other people must have been enjoying the Glory Hole as well! I wandered into the same cubicle I was in before and waited. This time I noticed that there was a Glory Hole on the other side of the cubicle as well. There didn’t seem to be anyone in the toilets at the time but after a few moments two men entered. I recognized the voice of one of them as the man I had sucked off in the toilets a week earlier only this time he must have brought a friend along.

The two men entered the two cubicles either side of me and just as before the guy unzipped his man hood and poked it through the Glory Hole. A deep voice echoed through the toilets ’Hey kid, remember me?’ I certainly did! I couldn’t wait to suck that /gorgeous/">gorgeous cock again. Then old waman xxxgx the guy on the other side of the cubicle chipped in ’So kid my friend here tells me your good at what you do. Do you think you can handle both of us?’ I was really nervous but as soon as the other guy stuck his meat through the other Glory Hole I couldn’t wait to taste it. His cock wasn’t that long (only about 7 inches) but was really thick and had a big hard head. As soon as I touched their cocks they knew that I was about to give anything a go!

I stroked both of their semi hard cocks until they were fully erect. ’I’m John by the way and he’s Rick’ said the guy I sucked off before. John’s cock was the same as before about 8 inches long and really hard. I was sitting on the toilet stroking a cock in either hand. This really turned me on. I licked Rick’s cock a couple of times and then did the same to John’s. Both their cocks tasted kinda salty but they each had different tastes. They seemed to enjoy this but there was plenty more fun that could be had. I sucked John’s cock into my mouth and coated it with saliva so it was nice and wet. I’ve seen a couple of porn films where a woman would be sucking off a couple of guys and there would be saliva everywhere I really wanted to be in her place but now I had the chance. I just wanted to go /crazy/">crazy and get as much of their cocks as humanly possible. Then I did the same with Rick’s cock coating it with saliva, except his cock was really thick and it took me a while to get it into my mouth. Once I did this I then started to suck Rick’s cock while jacking off John. What I lacked in experience I gained in enthusiasm, this being only the second cock I had sucked. But suck it I did with all my strength. I really wanted to taste Rick’s cum, after all variety is the spice of life! I sucked Rick’s cock and licked it all over, which started Rick moaning.

’Tell you what kid, since you can’t suck both of our cocks at once why don’t we try sticking this /bad/bad-boy/">bad boy up your ass?’ John suggested. Sometimes when I masturbate I do stick my finger up my ass cause it gives me more pleasure but I’ve never even thought about something as long and thick as John’s cock going up my ass. John’s cock was already well lubed up so I decided to do it but told John to take it slow. I unzipped my jeans and dropped my boxers. My own rock hard 7 inch cock was now swinging about. Then I lubed my ass a little and stuck my finger up to get ready for John’s cock. I turned around and slowly lowered my ass onto the tip of John’s cock. I tried to relax and lowered myself onto it. The pain was intense but so was the pleasure. Inch by inch his cock went up my tight virgin ass. I took all of his 8 inches deep in my ass and all I could think about was his warm cum spurting away inside of me. I whimpered with pleasure as John started rocking backwards and forwards. The tingling painful sensations were incredible and they were about to get a whole lot better since there was a nice big juicy cock in front of me I could suck dry.


I went to work on Rick’s /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. I swallowed its purple head and ran my tongue along its throbbing veins. John was really working my ass and said to Rick ’Jesus this is great! Rick you’ve gotta try this! His ass is incredible!’ he quickened his tempo on my ass. Rick was moaning softly and said to John ’Your right! This kids an animal! If he keeps going like this I won’t last much longer!’ the whole scene was enough to make anyone cum. I slurped away on the steel rod in my mouth while my own cock wiggled about with glee as my ass was getting pounded.

I started to use my hands and really go for it with Rick’s cock. I was now bobbing my head up and down faster and faster. Using my hands to masturbate his cock while I sucked as hard as I could. I couldn’t get enough of Rick fucking my face. John was doing all the work behind me and he also stepped up the pace. I felt like my ass was going to rip or something the speed he was going. John and Rick were both loving this and started to shout words of encouragement to me through the thin cubicle walls. John kept shouting things like ’Yeah /bitch/">bitch that’s it! Your loving my big /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock up your ass!’ while Rick shouted, ’Yeah, suck my cock dry! That’s it wiggle your tongue around! Yeah that feels good!’ I knew that it wouldn’t be long before they both came.

Saliva was now dripping out of my mouth and onto the floor. The feeling of Rick’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth was /ecstasy/">ecstasy! It was John that came first. He was pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow and suddenly shouted, ’Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cu ’ OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YEAH! His piston of a cock erupted in my ass. I was frantically wiggling my ass about trying to milk as much of his juice out that I could. I could feel it practically vibrating and then shot after shot of hot creamy cum was shot deep into my ass. There was so much cum that it ran down John’s long cock and came back out of my ass. The feeling was too intense to describe. His /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum dribbled down my bare legs and then there was a loud ’pop’ as he removed his cock from my ass.

The shouts and the loud moaning coming form both John and me and my enthusiastic sucking must have sent Rick over the edge. He wailed ’Oh fuck! YESSSSSSSS!’ His rock hard cock exploded in my mouth. With his already thick as hell cock in my mouth there was barely enough room for the huge amount of cum I so willingly accepted. The salty cream filled my mouth and coated Rick’s cock. I was trying my hardest to swallow all of his man juices but it felt like there was gallons of the stuff. Which I had no complaints about! After 4 or 5 huge wads of cum his mighty penis stopped throbbing and soften a little in my mouth.

I reluctantly let go of Rick’s cock and straightened so that I could masturbate into the toilet. Then John said ’Thanks kid! Listen if you haven’t already come I’d gladly suck you off, how about it?’ with an offer like that I couldn’t refuse. So I stuck my cock through the Glory Hole let John see my solid member. It was really hard not to come in all of the excitement of those 2 great cocks spewing their loads in me. John grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking. I thought I was going to cum right there and then! But I persevered and that was when it got even better. John did the same to me as I had done to him before; he covered my cock with saliva and started sucking the big purple head of my erect man hood. John had obviously done this before because the pleasure was so intense. He licked every inch of my cock and it was amazing. I was moaning loudly and told John I would cum soon. This is when John let fly and went crazy on my cock. He wrapped both his hands round it and jacked me off while he sucked like mad bobbing up and down on the head of my cock. I pressed as far as I could against the cubicle wall and screamed ’I’M CUMMING!!!’ and I blew my load into John’s waiting mouth. I almost fainted with pleasure and have never came so much in my life. I must have spurted 5 big loads of salty goodness onto his waiting tongue. He sucked bokep sma pecah perawan my cock until I couldn’t cum anymore then licked it clean.

Afterwards Rick and John both left but we arranged to meet up again the same time next week. So hopefully things would only get better! ;-)