Then it rained and rained then it rained somemore

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Then it rained and rained then it rained somemore

Each summer I try to take as many weeks of vacation as possible rideing my bike. I had been on the road about 5-6 days. It was late afternoon and I was tired and wanted a SOFT BED FOR THE NIGHT. Sleeping on the ground in the campgrounds was getting old.

I pulled off the road on my VW trike which was my bike of choice for this trip. My /son/">son and family had gotten me a GPS as a Christmas gift. I punched in lodgeing in the GPS and seen where "Saddies" was just a few miles from where I am at now.

As I rode on I seen signs telling Saddies was just 4-5 miles then turn right. Saddies had food, cabins, gas, ect. Saddies is in Arkansas in a valley. It is an unusal place. It has a 4 star rateing, so must be decent. I come down a hill and part way down the drive for Saddies went off to the right. It was on a leve type of thing. This leve went for as far as I could see. On the other side of the road was a big creek or small river. Reason for leve was simple, keep water out.

At the edge of the drive I stopped and eyeballed the place. There was a combo restaurant, bar. Then the office to register for a cabins. Then a small grocery, and at the far end was gas pumps and what appeared a combo gas station and hardware store.

I registered and got me a cabin,. A very very, petite woman with a name tag "saddie" Checked me in. My guess Saddie was maybe 4`-10" or so, very short and petite. I filled my gas tank, Went to the cabin and took my stuff inside. There was ice and soft drink machines close by. Got both and built me a strong rum drink. Drank fast and then took a shower to wash off the road grime.

Soon, very soon we`ll get to the fuck`in and suck`in. This is a true story.

I went to the restaurant and set down. The waitress walked by and told me "I`ll be with you soon as I can". I replied, "bring a beer with you". She brought my beer and I ask, "what is those big plates of fried stuff you have carrying by" ? Her reply, "combo seafood platter". Hum I said, looks good enough to eat.

I was about half way thru my beer when a voice ask, "can we share your table? There are no other seats available". "Sure" I replied.

I looked up and three /women/">women were setting down with me. They introduced theirselves which I`m ashamed to tell I don`t remember their names. I do remember they were, grandma, /daughter/">daughter, and granddaughter. Grandma was a long way from being a granny. At 48 yrs. old and a granddaughter who was 18 she started fucking early. We ate and went our seperate way.

Shortly after eating I was setting on the porch of my cabin and noticed Saddie in a gator stopping at the cabins where the people were outside. She got to me and ask if everything was satisfactory. I replied yes. She offered me a tour of her valley and cabins.

I got in with her and she began explining about things. She showed me cabins and then started down a grassy path that was mown. She stopped and reached behind her and got two beers out of a cooler. We stopped at several overlooks and each stop we got another beer. We got to an area that appeared to be a picnic area. Very pretty place.

We got out and set on a table and talked. Drank another beer or two. I don`t know how this came about but all of a sudden Saddie reached up the leg of my shorts and began massageing my nutsack. Her other hand went up my other leg and captured my manhood. As I hadn`t had any action on this trip I welcomed this. Saddie was very short and petite, she climbed on the seat of the table and began a tongue attack on my face and mouth. She was very skillful at this.

Soon I was at her mercy, knees weak and wobbly. I took off her "T" shirt and seen a very small but very /sweet/">sweet set of tits. These were the best set of tits I had ever seen. To me they had the taste of honey when they entered my mouth. She stepped upon the table and removed her shorts. No bra, no panties, just shirt and shorts.

I put my hands on her ass and pulled her honey pot to my mouth. I first took a long lick from bottom to top of her pussy. As My tongue hit the top she gave a little jump and made a sigh. Then I noticed her big extended clit. This little woman and such a /clit/big-clit/">big clit, oh wwwxxx my, my, my. Heaven in Arkansas !!!

Soon she told the world she was cumming. I had to hold her up as her knees and legs were giving out. She proceded to clean my face with her tongue.

She had me stand and remove my clothes. My dick is not large but slightly larger than average. She began sucking my dick like the world was ending and this was her last dick. I slowed her down, she was about to make me nut off.

She had me lay on the table and she got on top and tried to get my dick in her. She was dripping wet, but still would not let me go in. This little petite woman had a /pussy/tight-pussy/very-tight-pussy/">very tight pussy. I thought we would probably end up doing each other orally. Saddie went to the gator and brought back some ky jelly. She lube my dick and I lubed her sweet spot. She attempted again to get me in her. This time she succeded. By the look on her face I knew I was hurting her. I felt /bad/">bad about this but that oh so /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. She rode me untill she cum two times and I cum once. We went back to the cabins.

During the night it began to rain very hard. It rained all night and continued after daylight. I went and got breakfast and registered me another night in my cabin. I did not intend to ride in the rain. When I went in to register Saddie came over and looked at me and said, " you son-of-a-big-dicked-mother-fucker you about split me intwo". I told her I`m sorry. She told me "I hope your still here when I heal".

I get back to my cabin and grandma came over and ask if I had some locktite. She had a bolt viberateing loose on her bike. I got her the locktite and she left. Still raining, thankfully the cabins had a carport on the side to keep our bikes dry.

About an hour later granny returns my locktite. I ask her anything else I could help you with? She stands and stares at me. Then she says yes. "I need fucked, can you do me"? I tell I will do my best to help her. We remove all of out clothing. She tells me she wants screw a certain way. I ask and how. She tells me I just want fucked, nothing else. No kissing, no tit sucking or feeling, just fuck me. Get on fuck me, make me cum, you cum and were done. She lays down and I get on top and she guides me into her. She tells me, Damn thats a hunk of meat you got". I screw her and she cums just as she planed it. After she cum I stop for a few seconds and she says you still need to cum. I raise her legs on my shoulders and begin to give her a fuck that I hope she will remember the rest of her life. She cums two more times and then I cum. She tells me she has never cum this many times in her life. She thanks me and leaves.

And the rains continues. Soon the creek or river was covering the road. But the leve kept the water away from the cabins and Saddies valley. We were trapped at Saddies valley untill the water went down.

In the afternoon room service came to service my room. I recognized the girl from the restaurant that morning. Waitress in the morning and chamber maid in afternoon. Her name tag said Maria. She was a latin beauty. I found her great grandparents were from Brasil. Her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad were born here. She was truely a Brazilian beauty. She was very friendly too. I offered her a rum and she accepted. We set inside and drank and talked. She had work to do and told me she enjoyed talking with me but duty calls.

Rain, rain, more fucking rain. Allday and allnight it rained. Breakfast, reregister again. I ask Saddie how her honey pot was? Too sore to fuck with the horse dick you got. She took me by the hand and we went into a backroom. How she got that little mouth around my dick I`ll never know but she did. This little woman gave me one of the best blowjobs I`ve ever had . Even today none have matched her. She was too sore to fuck so I fingered her big clit. Hard to believe that this little woman had such a big clit.

Later in the afternoon grandmas daughter came over the wwwxxx and wanted fucked like I done her mom. Same terms. Being the gentleman that I am I try to help ladies in distress. Fucked her the same way till she cum and then put her legs on my shoulders and gave her several more orgasams and then I shot into her. I never gave her much cum as my cumbag was about empty. I thought to myself, tomorrow I get the young 18 yr old granddaughter. But she never showed.

Later that night Maria the brazilian beauty came by to visit. We had a few drinks and talked. I hate to tell this but I`m glad no sex was involved. I`m about fucked out.

The rain began to ease up during the night. Next day the rain had stopped. Things were still soaking wet. Had breakfast, reregistered for another night. Saddie took me by the hand to the backroom again. She decided she want more dick. She lube me and her and then got on top and guided me into her. She went very slow and easy. It apperaed it was not as uncomfortable as it was the first time. She got me in and begain a slow back and forth movement. Then she would raise up untill just the very tip of my dick was in her then slowly go down. She fucked in this slow manner untill I was about ready to beg her finish me off, I need to cum. All of a sudden she tensed up and hit top speed. We cum together and it was probably /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck I have ever had.

In the afternoon granny came by for some dick. She informed me she wanted screwed any and all ways we could think of. I started by going down on her. Her clit was little but very sensitive. As I ate her I finger fucked her ass. She told me she loved it. No one had ever eat her and fingered her ass at the same time. She told me her orgasms were the strongest she has ever had. She got on top and rode tall in the saddle. She cum several times but were low keyed ones. She told me doggies was one of her favorites. I mounted her from the rear and began a slow steady rythem. I reached around and rubbed her clit as I fucked her. This was the wrong thing to do. When she cum she was so loud that I was afraid prople would think I was hurting her. Luckily no one came to the door. I grabbed her hip bones and plowed her as deep and as hard as I could. We finally came together and it was great.

The next morning the sun was out. Drying off nicely and water had receded. I had breakfast, done Saddie, packed up and hit the road.

Little did I know that a few yrs later I would see Maria again. Will tell that story later.