Adventerous Weekend

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Adventerous Weekend
Her parents where out for the weekend and her brother was gone to stay with some mates. The house was empty and she had invited me over to stay for the weekend.

Emma had been my girlfriend now for several months and where as close to each other now as I have ever been with everybody. I was her second boyfriend but she had confided in me that she was never as close to him as I was to her. Emma was a /girl/nice-girl/">nice girl at heart and had looks to match. However she could be very shy a lot of the time. Standing at 5?8 she had shoulder length black hair that she kept up in a ponytail. Her green eyes where always darting around the room trying to take in everything, apart from when we where alone. Together she seemed more at ease and happy than any ware else. Holding her in my arms she seemed at rest and peace with herself. Her face was rounded and her smile looked amazing on her. She wasn?t just a pretty face though; with her 34b breasts and nice looking legs she could turn eyes in a crowd. She had turned mine all right but unlike most blokes she had allowed more than that to look at her. We had become friends quickly and my open nature had allowed her to open herself up, to me at least. We started going out about a week later and things had gone from strength to strength since then. Nothing major had happened yet but this weekend could change all that.

I arrived at her house about 6 on the Friday. Her parents where just leaving and knowing me well said goodbye to me, not looking worried that their /daughter/">daughter and her boyfriend had the house to them selves for a weekend. After they left we had a dinner cooked by ourselves then retired to her bedroom. Sitting together on her bed we watched television, until nature took over.

She shifted her weight around and turned to face me, turning the TV off with her foot. Our lips met and she moved her legs until they where wrapped around mine her body pressing down on mine as her tongue broke the seal of my lips and started to find mine. It didn?t take long and soon we where rolling gently on the bed with our mouths buried in each other?s. My erection was by know nearing its full as she gently ground her hips into mine, and her tongue playing tag with mine. Time started to lose all meaning as my entire world shrunk to just encompass her and what she was doing to me. The kiss broke and she placed her arms next to my head and lifted herself off me so that I could focus on her face. Her green eyes looked straight into mine and searched my soul for the answer she wanted. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to go further this time. She pushed herself up and tucked her legs under her as she sat up over my groin. ?Well David, shall we see what else we have?? The dirty hint to her voice was unmistakable and I couldn?t believe what was happening. This shy girl was eventually coming out to me. She wasn?t going to be disappointed.

?That sounds a good idea to me Emma, Where shall we start then.?

In answer to my question she crossed her arms and grabbed onto the bottom of her top, lifting her arms she pulled the top off and threw it across the room. Her breasts bounced slightly as the material rolled over them. Looking between her breasts and her eyes I was very in a very good position. She lent down and kissed me again. Taking my top in her hands she pulled it up and over my head, and it soon joined hers in the corner of the room. Still kissing me I felt my hand over her back gently rubbing and playing with her bra.

?Stop teasing me, I think they want to play as well.?
I gripped her bra and started to undo it. Never having done this before it took me a few tried but eventually it came lose. She lifter herself off me again,
?Close your eyes.?

Placing her hand over my eyes I did as I was told. I felt her shifting her wait on top of me but could only wonder at what she was doing, but you didn?t need to be a rocket scientist to guess. Her wait moved forwards again on me as she scooted up my body, flicking my erection in my pants. She picked up my left hand in hers and gently drew it up towards her warm flesh. My fingertips just touched her breast and she took her hand away letting me take the initiative on this one. I played my hand across her breast and stroked around her nipple. She moaned lightly and I felt her hand run across mine directing it around her body. She moved it away from her body and dropped it back down beside me.

?Can I open my eyes now??
?Sshh,? she put a finger to my lip, a slightly wet finger. ?Just wait till I say.?

She leant forward and thanks to her moving up me, her breast found its way to my mouth. Lifting my head up to meet her I zeroed in on her nipple. I hoped I knew what to do here; I just let instinct take over and began to run my tongue around her nipple. Teasing it in different directions and sucking gently. This seemed to be a good thing as she pushed her tits deeper into me and began to moan again as I carried on playing. Her stomach rolled across my chest and warmed me from the outside as well as in. The feeling of having my girlfriend?s breasts in my mouth was driving me wild, and my cock was rock hard by now and straining to get free. She pulled herself of me,?Hmm, ok I think you have earned the privilege to open your eyes.?The suspense was so strong in me. I opened them slowly and took in the view before me. Her right nipple glistened with my spit and she sat with the largest smile on her face.

?Did I do good then??
?Well, I think so??

She scooted down me and started to undo my belt. I lay back and closed my eyes again, lifting my arse as my jeans slipped down my legs, to join the growing pile on the floor. Lying there in only my underwear I didn?t feel at all /scared/">scared or nervous. The only feeling I had in me was a love for Emma and a feeling that this was exactly what I wanted. Her hands started to work their way back up my legs and up to my pants. She reached under the fabric and touched my rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I involuntary bucked my hips as soon as she did it. Her touch was like adding petrol to fire and the one in my groin grew even bigger. Brushing past my dick she pulled my pants down and let my cock free at last. She stood there looking at all seven inches of me standing there.

?Well well, so that what you keep in your pants??
I just looked at her and smiled, words where currently beyond me.
?Shall we see what I have as well??

I sat up and reached my hand around her, rolling her over onto the bed I took up the same position at her feet that she had done to me. Undoing her jean button was proving difficult. The adrenaline and testosterone flowing through meant my hands where shaking like /crazy/">crazy at what I was doing. It sprung open at last and she lifted her beautifully created arse of the bed and allowed me to pull her jeans down. Her pink knickers where stained with her juices and had gone almost see through exposing her shaved pussy beneath the cotton prison. She lifted her hips again as I slipped the wet knickers off her and looked at my prize for the night. I leant down towards it and took in its /sweet/">sweet aroma. It was like nothing I have ever smelled before and it drove me wild. She pushed her hips up even further so that my mouth just brushed her labia. Moaning at me I slid my legs back and fell on top of her engorged pussy. My tongue flicked out and touched her inner lips with care. But that was not what she was after. I felt her hands on the back of my head as she pushed me into herself. I changed tack and began licking up and down her cunt, probing up and down, finding what she liked. All the time taking in her sweet aroma and amazing taste.

?Go on, play with my clit Dave, I need it now.?

Needing no more persuasion I zeroed in on her spot and began to suck on it as my tongue played across it much as I had done to her nipple. She was moaning more and more now as I carried on playing across her clit.

?Oh yes Dave, that is soo?. Oh yes? good, do that again? I feel it rising.?

About to make my girlfriend come gave me one of the best feelings I had ever had, ever. Knowing that almost all her feeling was concentrated on me and what I was doing to her, made me feel so good. She started bucking around more as she came closer to coming. Suddenly her legs stiffened around me as I pushed my tongue deeper into her. She lifted her hips up into the end and let out a long groan.

?Ohhhh ohHH YESSSS!!!?

With her pussy juices running down my face I lifted my head up and looked into her eyes. Wide with passion and pleasure she smiled at sexxxx video ful hd me and beckoned me forward. I scrambled up over her, my cock rubbing against her legs as I made my way up to her. She grabbed me again and brought my mouth into position with hers; tasting her juices on my lips she pulled me into a long deep kiss.

?Thank you so much. That was absolutely incredible. I have never cumed like that before.?
?So glad you liked it darling, it was good from my view as well.?
?Well I have something even better.?

She pushed me off her and then clambered on top of me, straddling my cock. Doing a push up above me she was poised ready. She held that position and just looked into my eyes. As close as we where we could each see what the other one wanted and it was the same thing. She lowered herself down and my dick got its first taste of pussy. As she slid even deeper down on me the warmth and pleasure spread itself down my dick increasing the pleasure in me all the time. About half way into her we met with resistance. She looked into my eyes and kissed me,
?You ready for this??

I asked. In response she lifted herself off me and dropped herself down onto my cock penetrating her and breaking her hymen. She collapsed onto me, a look of pain in her eyes as she lay there, stretching her pussy and getting used to my dick inside her. She brought her mouth around to meet mine and we began to kiss gently. The pace picked up as the pleasure overrode the pain she was feeling. My hands began to rub up and down her back and onto her arse as our hips started to move apart and together. Driving my dick in and out of her. If this was good it was great, all the feeling of love and pleasure was concentrated into my seven inches and my mouth. 

The rest of my body just served to increase this feeling. As we got more and more viscous and confident the strokes got larger and longer as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. We rolled around the bed trying to keep together as much as possible as the feelings inside us grew and grew with each thrust. The rest of the world was little more than a grey blur compared to the sensational feelings running through all five of my senses. All of them concentrating on just one thing? Emma. I could feel my orgasm approaching fast and new that I could not last much longer.

She must have felt my orgasm approaching as well, or at least she was going to come as well. For she pulled her self off of me and lay down next to me.
?Don?t worry,? panted between heavy breathing. ?I just want this to last, its just so, well I can?t describe what it all feels like.?
?I know what you mean, I haven?t done anything that feels as good as this ever.?

Leaning over to here I kissed her again, and soon we where once again locked in a passionate kiss. Our bodies coiled together again and soon my cock slipped back into her cunt and we picked up from where we left off. Every stroke seemed to be stronger and greater than the last.

?Ohh my god, do that again, yes like that. OHHHH.?

Our bodies coiled and uncoiled around each other, pushing our sexual limits and experiences to higher and higher levels, and it couldn?t last. Sure enough I felt the pressure of my orgasm pouring through me like a tsunami. xxx sex video download free com A few more strokes and I shot my full load deep into her. Breaking the kiss I looked into her eyes just as she hit her orgasm as well, pumping my dick for everything it was worth as her walls contracted around me. We finally split apart and lay next to each other exhausted but still in /ecstasy/">ecstasy.

?We really should do this more often??
?We have all weekend to play??.?