Under cover

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Under cover

I am Officer Kim Johnson I am 25 years old five foot three 110 pounds Shoulder length red hair and wear a 40 c cup bra. I work for the Los Angeles Police department. in the Vice division. Because know how to dress like a /slut/real-slut/">real slut I do a lot of undercover work and some of it requires casual sex, which I don?t mind. This is a story about one of my assignments that I will never forget as long as I live. One day the chief called me into his office and told me about a drug ring that operated out of ?The Paradise? a club down town. He said that he didn?t want to bust them right away because they he knew the drugs where coming in from Columbia and wanted to find the supplier. 

The chief asked me if I would work under cover and see if I could find out any information and pass it on to him. He also told me that it would very dangerous and if I didn?t take the assignment he would under stand. I agreed and was told that when I got any thing at all to call him, and that he wanted we to check in every Tuesday morning like clock works, and if I didn?t he would know something was wrong. Dressed like a slut I started hanging around the club hoping that I might even land a job there. There was no jobs open but I soon became friends with Jack Myers the owner and all the employees. Every thing was going as usual the pushers would come and go, but one day while I was sitting with Jack at his table, two well dress Columbian men came in with a briefcase. Jack said baby would you excuse me I have some important business to take care of. They were in Jack?s office for a while and when they came out they looked over at me and whispered something in Jack ear. He smiled and walked over to me and told me in my ear that the two men said that they wanted me. I told Jack I didn?t have sex with more than one guy at a time and I had to know them better. He went back to his table and told the men what I had said and then he motioned for me to come over to their table. I went over and set down and Jack introduced me to they as Mike and Bill as they undressed me with their eyes, (I thought to myself Colombians named Mike and Bill yea right) then I started to pump for information. 

Bill noticed this and said, you ask a lot of questions baby, I said I was sorry and that I was just trying to make conversation. Mike got a call on his cell phone and he excused hem self and walk towards the men room. I excused my self and told them I had to go to the ladies room. As I pass the men?s room I put my ear to the door and could only make out a few words. I went in to the ladies room and call the chief on my cell and told him all I make out was pier 5 berth 1 and /hung/">hung up. As I came pass the men?s room Mike stepped out and looked surprised and we walked back and sit down at the table. It was getting late so I told the guys I had to leave to get some rest. The next morning when I got up my car had been broken into and my badge was missing from the car pocket and I reported it the chief. I went to the club that night and the to guys were sitting at the table with Jack and they waved me over so I joined them. I sit down and after a few drinks I started to feel groggy and blacked out. 

When I awakened I was in an old warehouse, I had been striped of all my close with my hands tied above my head and Mike standing in front of me waving my badge in my face. Mike said now officer Kim Johnson what do you know about this operation and what have you passed on to the authorities. I told him to go to hell and he just smiled and walked over to a workbench and picked up a roll of duck tape. He tore off three piece about a foot in a half long and put one of them on me from my navel down through my vagina to my /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole, the other two he placed on each side over my labial?s. He looks it me and said now I asked you a question and when I wouldn?t answer him he ripped the middle strip off of me bring all my hairs with it and I scream as loud as a could. He laughs and said scream baby scream for me I like that and no one will hear you anyway. He ripped the other two pieces off and I screamed with each piece. My vagina and labial?s were red, swollen, bare as a baby ass and hurt like hell. About that time Bill came with an automobile battery and jumper cables. Mike looked at me and said its time to dance and shake those /tits/big-tits/">big tits for us baby. He put the cables on the battery and started touching the other ends to my nipples over and over, my whole body was jumping and jerking and I screamed and screamed. He didn?t ask me any more questions and don?t think he wanted any answers he just wants to torture me. He pushed the cable ends to my vagina I keep screaming, my body shaking and my breast where flopping all over my body. This went on until I couldn?t take any more and I passed out. 

When I awaken they had taking me down form the rafter and had me tied spread eagle on the old wood bench. Bill and Mike was just standing there gawking at me and I asked them what they where going to do with me. Well you know we cant let you go so said Bill so we have two choices, either kill you or if you are a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck we will take you with us and make you our /whore/">whore. Mike started to lick my vagina and Bill was rolling one of my nipples with his fingers and sucking on the other. Mike began to suck my clitoris and flick it with is tongue. Oh my god my body started to betray me it feet so good, but I couldn?t let these bastards know it. Oh I was losing control and had an orgasm. Mike got up and dropped his pants and shorts and said you like it don?t you baby. He got up on the table between my legs, as I looked down at him. Oh my god I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have been eleven inches and thick as a flashlight. He pooped the head in and started to feed it to me inch by inch. I felt so stretched and had another orgasm before his was half way in me. He noticed this and just rammed all the way in me. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv He began to work in and out of me and I couldn?t help myself, I started to screaming fuck me fuck me you bastard fuck me. Tell me he said you like /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock and you are my whore tell me. 

I was screaming I love your /cock/big-cock/">big cock yes I am your whore just /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard. Mike was grunting now and he shot his load, it was so hot it caused me to orgasm again. They know they had me now and untied me put me on my knees and Mike told me to suck his cock clean and make him hard again. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it in as deep as I could. Bill came up behind me and pushed his cock in me with one hard jab and pushed me forward causing me to take Mike?s cock down my throat. Bill fucked me hard and I had two more orgasms before he shot is load in me. Mike blows his load right down my throat and I fell weakly to the floor. Bill whispered something in Mike?s ear and he shook his head yes. Mike looked at me and said that they had decided not to kill me but would make me their whore and they would sell me to /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women. Then Bill asked me if I had ever had sex with a woman and I told him no. Bill said don?t worry baby I know someone that will train you. He looked at Mike and told him to go out on the dock and bring that big dyke back with you. A few minutes later Mike returned with this big strong woman and introduced her to me as Joan, she looked at me and licked her lips. 

Mike said well Joan you want some of our whore and Joan said hell yes. Bill said ok she is all yours but we get to watch so put on a good show for us. It didn?t take Joan long to strip, her breast were huge and when she removed her hard hat her hair fell down her back and she wasn?t /bad/">bad looking. Joan grabbed me by the hair like a rag doll and pulled my mouth to her breast and I know what she wanted so I started to suck her nipple. Joan moaned oh yes you little whore suck mommy?s big tits as she roughly fingered in my pussy. I thought to myself, what is wrong with me, she?s calling me names yet her nipple felt good in my mouth that I was enjoying it. She pulled me from her tit and kissed me right on my lips and ran her tongue in my mouth and I began to respond to her kiss. She pushed me down on my back and dove right into my pussy with her mouth, licking and sucking working on my clitoris. She was driving me /crazy/">crazy; no man had ever been this good. I couldn?t stand it I was /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth and filled it with my juices, she kept licking and sucking my pussy dry and I cum again. Where were all these orgasms coming from? She climbed up on me and straddled my face and said my turn /bitch/">bitch eat mommy?s pussy. I licked her pussy and was surprised that she didn?t taste bad at all, it wasn?t salty like men and that it was actually pleasant, so I started to work on her clit. 

Joan was now moaning yes bitch that?s it don?t stop oh yes you are a good cunt-lapping whore. She was grinding her pussy on my face so hard I thought she would crush my skill, she moaned loud, filling my mouth with her juices. white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie Mike and Bill told said Good show and Joan said I am not finished with her yet, find me something to fuck her with. They look around the warehouse and came back with a beer bottle. I said oh no please not with that and Joan said shut up whore and began fucking me with the neck of the bottle. Joan got up no her feet leaving the neck of the bottle in me, she reached down and got one of my ankle in each hand and spread my legs wide apart. She then took her foot and kicked the bottle driving it all the way in me. I screamed and must have passed out because the next thing I remember was waking up, Joan was gone and had place two one dollar bills on my breast. Bill and Mike were laughing and said now you are a two-dollar whore. 

They dress me and took me aboard a ship that was dock out side the warehouse and introduced me to the Captain and tied me to a chair. The Captain looked me over and nodded his head yes. They told me they had sold me to the Captain for the trip back to Columbia and that he would untie me after the ship got underway and that they would meet me on the other end. The Captain told them that their shipment had been unloaded and they took off. The captain walked over to me and felt my breast and said that he was going the have a lot of fun with me. About that time I heard sounds out on the deck of the ship and the cabin door was kicked down. Thank god it was the swat team and I was rescued.

 The chief told me later that they had the pier under observation but could not make their move until the drugs where unloaded and in the hands of the suppliers.